Lincoln: Watching for Richmond and Richmonders

While viewing Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln at a preview screening on Oct. 10 in Washington, D.C., guessing at locations from my hometown distracted me just a bit from the action of the film.

For example, in one scene, Robert Lincoln (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) accompanies his father on a hospital visit in which Petersburg’s City Market and its plaza are at center stage. In another, The Virginia Capitol acts as a body double for its counterpart in Washington, D.C. Add a computer-generated dome and some other details, and presto — instant U.S. Capitol.

Picking out Richmonders, some of them from underneath considerable hair, was enjoyable, too. Actor Scott Wichmann is a bit easier to spot because he’s clean-shaven for his role as a telegraph clerk who gives Lincoln the welcome news that Fort Fisher, protecting Wilmington, N.C., has fallen following a massive, 64-ship bombardment. (In real life, Wichmann is recently returned from assignment with the Navy in Afghanistan.)

Among other Richmond talent onscreen is Joe Inscoe, spotted in the U.S. House of Representatives as Andrew Finck. Michael Stanton Kennedy, wearing big white muttonchops as Rep. Hiram Price, adds his voice to the vote for the proposed 13th Amendment to abolish slavery. Veteran character actor Raynor Scheine, a Virginian, here plays a Missouri legislator nicknamed Beanpole who enthusiastically gives his “Yea” for the bill.

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