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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
For all of you Chicken Fiesta fanatics, you're in luck — Chicken Fiesta is slowly expanding, reaching out to new parts of the city.

A new location will open mid-September at 2311 W. Broad St., which formerly housed Cameron’s Seafood. (On the same block as the Richmond magazine offices. Be still our hearts.) “We wanted our new location to be kind of close to downtown,” says Shana Greenbaum, Chicken Fiesta's general manager. “We Read full story
Play It Again
Little has changed at Zeus Gallery Cafe
Zeus Gallery Cafe, the Belmont Avenue hideaway with black-and-white tiled tabletops and rotating artwork, opened the year the band Nirvana hit — a bellwether predating many of the quaint indie businesses leading to the Museum District. Zeus served all kinds of customers — certainly the pressed Polo shirt set — over 23 years and three ownerships. Other restaurants opened and closed. Zeus made its bones.

Andy Howell opened Zeus in 1991, serving filet Read full story
31 (Hundred) Flavors and Counting
The evolution of ice cream
There’s a long, multi-legged and hotly contested timeline of the making of ice cream throughout history, and whether you know it or not, you’ve probably made versions of your own that (supposedly) stem from different eras and parts of the world.

According to legend, if you’ve ever used a hand-cranked ice cream machine, you were doing it like the 18th-century Brits. If you froze ice-and-salt-packed coffee cans filled with cream and sugar when Read full story
Going Rogue
What's best? How about everything?
It’s, like, a thing. A thing that is a central focus for chefs John Maher and Aaron Hoskins at Richmond’s newest newcomer, The Rogue Gentlemen: pre-Prohibition era cocktails that take at least five minutes to prepare, incorporating house-made bitters, essential oils, fresh produce, artisanal ice cubes, the occasional mist of some sort and, of course, the booze — swizzled, shaken and served up by a jaunty, hip, tattooed virtuoso.

Situated on a small corner Read full story
5 Favorites: Tequila
Tequila is a town in Mexico, a walloping cocktail component and the song that made Pee-wee Herman famous. The best tequila derives from the blue agave plant. Richmond has no shortage of tequilerias, but don’t think you must order shots: Assertive flavors and aromas also make tequila a fun, slow sip.

Patron XO Cafe at Casa Del Barco
A sweet vanilla aroma and chocolate notes spark this arabica-infused dessert tequila. Made with Read full story
Best New Restaurants
Restaurants in Richmond are like popcorn: Suddenly they appear, bright and white and full of promise, until out of nowhere, a crow snatches them up, and that new place on the corner is dark, with a for-sale sign in the window.

During the last year, the popcorn-like pace has continued, but the crows seem to be occupied elsewhere. When we looked throughout the region to discover which new restaurants we thought were the Read full story

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