Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Clarification on May 10, 2013: Attorney Mark Shuford says the unlawful detainer summons seeks both back rent (base rent, pro-rated taxes, and pro-rated insurance), as well as rent through the end of the lease, which terminates in October 2014. The story has been updated to reflect this information.Republic owner Antonio Hawkins responded to an email today seeking clarification by saying he would forward the request to his lawyer, Charles Homiller, who says the majority of the nearly $169,000 alleged to be owed is for rent on the remainder of the lease. Homiller says, "We're working with the landlord's attorney to try to resolve it without having it go to court."

The owner of the building occupied by The Republic, Matthew Appleget, is suing Republic owner Antonio Hawkins for alleged back rent and remaining rent payments on the lease — $168,820.69 to be exact, according to the unlawful detainer summons that was posted on the restaurant’s front door.

Formal eviction proceedings have begun, says Mark C. Shuford, Appleget's lawyer. Hawkins has until the May 23 court date to pay the alleged sum. "I don't know if the tenant can do anything about it in time, but that's the day the two will go to court and hash it out," Shuford says.

The restaurant has been closed for several weeks.

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