Blame the Name
A rant against treacly, trite and just plain ridiculous house names Read full story
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Blame the Name
A rant against treacly, trite and just plain ridiculous house names
I’m going to go out on a limb of an apple tree, so to speak, and assume the first people to name their place of residence were Adam and Eve. Like most mortals who name their homes, they got a little carried away — or banished, strictly speaking. The Garden of Eden was just a tad pretentious for a name. It’s well known that Adam and Eve had a little too much pride in their Read full story
Change Agents
A low-slung ranch becomes a design laboratory for two whole-house renovators and their children.
When Bradley and Niki Davidson bought a low-slung ranch house in Old Westham near the University of Richmond in 2008, they knew they were going to renovate it and sell it through their company, Davidson Builders. They had no idea it would become their home.

Until this project, they’d been taking on smaller jobs — building additions on the backs of homes, remodeling kitchens, adding bonus rooms above garages. This would be their first Read full story
Saturday, July 26, 2014
I’m head over heels for these keys tags by Various Products. I love their daft etched phrases, compact size and retro office-issued looks.

They’re a great way to keep your keys organized with labels as practical as “house keys” and “mom’s taxi.” There are daft ones, too, such as “getaway car,” “hiding place,” and my favorite, “temporary solution.” I get a kick out of those.

I was tickled to come across these Read full story
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