Bring on the Light
A family transforms a dark Tudor into a bright, cheery home inside and out Read full story
Looking for an interior designer? A lamp? A plaster specialist? No problem. Search our extensive
online directory of home-related shops and services to find what you need.
The Art of Collecting
Buying art for your home is as simple as knowing what you like.
So you’ve been to First Fridays Art Walk a million times over, and now you’re ready: It’s time to buy art for your home. But how on earth do you choose one piece, let alone build a collection? Happily, the most important thing is simply knowing what you’re drawn to, according to Geraldine Duskin of Ghostprint Gallery on Broad Street. She talked to us about curating your own at-home gallery and understanding what to look Read full story
The Interpreter
Designer Thom Filicia wants to help clients express the narrative of their lives
Designer Thom Filicia, with a phone pressed against his ear for an East Coast interview, was in the throes of finishing a 300-square-foot room at HD Buttercup in Los Angeles. His space was to open that Thursday evening along with others by Celerie Kemble, Suzanne Kasler and Jeffrey Alan Marks, and it was already 1:30 p.m. “Here’s the receipt for that,” he told one assistant, and then asked about another assistant who had passed out Read full story
Friday, April 25, 2014
More than 50 paintings by Chris Shands remain on view through Apr. 30 at Ruth & Ollie.

In a recent blog post about the exhibition’s start, I included a photo of paintings above a fireplace in the artist’s home. These works were attributed to Chris Shands but are by other artists.

The large work is by Richmond painter Becky Jessee and the smaller piece is Read full story
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