Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wendy Umanoff, who is lending her eyes, ears and style prowess to The Unseemly House, came in to be our "color whisperer." She kindly suggested and encouraged until we made a dining-room color decision, together. Wendy gives us a guest post for today:

"Now that the chair cushions are finished (dressed with a paisley fabric of swirls in reds, pinks and black lyrically dancing on a background of soothing tones of warm whites) and perfectly positioned with the table in the dining room, it was time to address the color on the walls.

Last week I received a call from Susan with enthusiasm in her voice. “I think I know what color will work in the dining room.” “Pink” she responded. (To Andrew, we said, "Salmon.") What actually came out of that conversation was the color purple, which led us to the color green.

Determined to resolve their color choice this week, Susan was all warmed up with brush in hand and fearlessly mixing colors when I walked into the house on Sunday.  Up on the wall was an array of colors ranging from beautiful tranquil greens to watery blues. I was thrilled that Susan was beginning to understand the process of mixing colors. Sometimes you have to find your way in between two color choices to achieve the right balance. We agreed on two colors. First a blue from Benjamin Moore. Ashwood Gray #1654 at 50 percent was very uplifting, clean yet not too sweet.  Our second selection was a green, Spring Meadow #486, again mixed at 50 percent, a more grounded color.  Because Andrew has been very patient and supportive in The Unseemly House Project, I suggested that the final color choice might be his.

This morning I received an e-mail from Susan. Green it is.
I think that Susan is elated, and Andrew is relieved that it's not purple.

In the process of selecting colors, it is important to understand that a color can read very differently on a sample chip than on a wall. Also you need to factor in the light that comes from windows and from overhead fixtures. They can create significant changes to a color’s hue.

The next things to address in this room: what to put on the walls and how to treat the windows."

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